Ken-Welch.Com raised its Alert Status to RED at 3 PM CDT (9 PM GMT), Monday Sept 10, 2007, because multiple false-flag attacks on U.S. cities are believed to be imminent. 

This Alert is posted at http://www.ken-welch.com/Central.html

Ken-Welch.Com uses reversed speech to obtain intelligence information directly from the White House and other government sources.  Early details of this operation, which will use poison gas to create nation-wide fear and panic were reported three weeks ago and are available here.  Continued surveillance confirms that the plan is still active, and very close to completion.  A new report is being prepared at this time.  Please keep in mind that three previous attempts to create a major false-flag event were abandoned, so there is no guarantee that this one will succeed although the conspirators are extremely desperate.

1)  The White House (and the Houston-based Oil Cartel that runs it) has obtained FIVE explosive chemical devices containing the World War I war gas, PHOSGENE.  These will be identified later as being from pre-Gulf War stockpiles of Saddam Hussein, perhaps stored in Iran, and are most likely aerial bombs or artillery shells.

2)  The intent is to use these devices in five sperate American cities to create a long day of fear and terror that will exceed the original 9-11.

3)  We believe that the most likely period for these attacks begins with Jewish and Muslim holy days on the 13th-14th of September and extends for perhaps another week.  The danger continues, however, unless specific information reveals the attacks have been canceled.

4)  Psychological preparation for the attacks has been evident, with CIA claiming that Al Qaeda is planning terrifying attacks, and White House sources suggesting that "terrorist cells" are running loose in the Fatherland.  In Iraq the trial of "Chemical Ali" was a reminder that poison gasses exist, and a major hoax was created in New York City to familiarize the public with Phosgene, a gas that is virtually buried in history.  Thousands of news outlets carried the story.

5)  Key points advertised about Phosgene: The gas smells like newly cut hay, it kills by interfering with breathing, and there is no antidote.

6)  Not publicized: Protection against Phosgene is provided by the standard "professional painters mask" found in many hardware stores.  This mask filters air through small canisters of activated charcoal.  However, the odds for you personally needing one are extremely low.

7)  There is no way to tell at this time which cities are targeted, or how the weapons will be used.  It is natural to imagine them being detonated in a central location but a crowded shopping mall would also be an attractive target.  Because the attacks are designed for television, they will occur during daylight hours.

8)  Unless you are within half a mile and clearly downwind from one of these devices when it explodes, avoid the temptation to panic and run.  Panic on streets and highways is likely to be nearly as dangerous as the gas itself.


In Iraq be alert for U.S. troops and/or mercenary units suddenly leaving difficult areas.  If you observe this, you should follow.  All areas: review procedures for nuclear fallout protection.

Ken Welch in Houston