by  Ken Welch in Houston

Posted Sunday May 14, 2006

I told a lot of people that the Easter Nuke had surely been removed within a few days after our publicizing it's existence on March 25th.  Apparently I was giving the world's new masters too much credit.  As it turned out, the Bush crowd's main hope for pushing the American people into World War III by faking a nuclear attack on the U.S. was not actually scrubbed until April 11th or 12th.  Since I personally thought the plan for the smuggled nuke was just as likely to call for its discovery and detonation on Saturday, 4/15, as on Easter Sunday the next day, I'm splitting the differences and calling it D minus four.  Either way, we came a lot closer to catastrophe than I ever imagined.

This also means that we owe a tremendous debt to all the people who supported Ken-Welch.Com and used their e-mail to keep the story alive until the dinosaurs of the New Reich could finally discover it.

I.  Easter Aftermath

The RS nuke team, using the same reversed speech techniques that revealed the nuke originally, have combed through available public appearances and assembled a pretty good picture of what happened after went live with the story.  We did pretty well, even capturing the operational or project name, GAMBIT.  But to begin with, the results were nothing, nothing, and more nothing.  References to the nuke itself were fading, as the known conspirators adjusted to the fear and enormity of their plan and focused on business as usual.  Of course, some of that business is pretty interesting, but our focus was on the nuke and what might have happened to it - as well as any clues about a possible Plan B.

The best source for information turned out to be Bush himself, with multiple public appearances while other administration officials seemed to disappear.  The time-line related to the Easter Nuke discovery can be tracked through a sequence of four appearances, all of which are still available through the White House website.  Click on the name to get the original audio or video:

Saturday, April 8 - Weekly Radio Address (recorded Friday?)

Monday, April 10 - A "War on Terror" talk at the Nitze School for Globalist Hopefuls

Thursday, April 13 - Speech at Small Business Week Conference

Saturday, April 15 - Weekly Radio Address (recorded 4/14?)

The radio addresses are prerecorded, and I assume the April 8th recording was made the previous day, Friday.  The topic is immigration "reform".  There is no reference in reversed speech to the Texas City nuke, or our discovery of it.  A single reversal, "The Arrow - quiet" does not meet our criteria for intelligence value because it occurs alone, without reference, and hasn't appeared in other speeches.  It's interesting, but it might be the nuke or it might be something entirely different.  In actuality, the behind the scenes information is mundane and uninteresting.

News from the ranch is that someone has won a Lexus, and Bush is very impressed with this.  We pick up the first reference to a nephew, which later turns out to be "Dad's nephew" with some connection to "cash" that we will probably never track down.

Junior was diagnosed with C.A.D., "coronary artery disease", early this year and has been placed on a strict diet with severe limits on meat.  Consequently he feels deprived and hungry, and has a lot of thoughts about meals.  RS students will find repeated references in the programs listed above to meat, beef, and in one case, "Pritikin".  In the April 13th appearance we even find "beef kill me".  We also suspect he is dealing with an ulcer, and I conclude that his medical/dietary advice is very poor.

However, there are definite benefits to some of the changes that have been made.  The two speeches he gives during this week are dynamic and persuasive, significantly better than many recent efforts.  He seems sharp, alert, and less bothered by the speech impediments that we have come to expect.  I can't help but wonder if the cocaine is helping in this regard.  It has been suggested that long term drug abuse often alters the physical system to such an extent that the appearance of normal function is more likely with the offending drug's presence than without it.

The most significant effect of these changes is that Bush's mental functions seem to be improving (although he still freezes when confronted with the unexpected), and that his right brain speech center, which produces reversed speech, is returning to normal.  There are more reversals and more examples of longer and more useable phrases.  This is good news for RS enthusiasts who found working with Bush discouraging in the past.  If you are one of those, now is definitely the time to take another shot.

II.  Monday, April 10th - White House Discovers Reversed Speech

Sixteen days after the posting of the Easter Nuke report, the White House has finally discovered that a worldwide audience is reading the "nuke Texas" playbook over their shoulder.  One can only wonder why it took so long.

On this day Bush addresses the student body at the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, on the campus of Washington's Johns Hopkins University.  Forty-seven seconds into his speech, cued by the words, "Strategic Blueprint", we find the pragmatic admission, "I SPILLED THE EASTER SHIT."

He has also made an important phone call to someone on "a big yacht, oh yeah," and "Sheila" placed the call for him.  I suspect it is to Daddy who, one assumes, would be as far from the Houston area as he could get as the target date approached.  However, this is the type of information that requires an external source to pin down because the person is not identified in the RS itself.  It could be a different behind-the-scenes controller, or a key agent or player in the attempt to manufacture another 9/11.

All the current plans that we have found, including the nuke at Texas City, involve SHIPS.  Ironically, this has not helped the RS effort because the most common phrase within the Bush administration since January has been "in the shit".  Perfectly reasonable, of course, but not always easy to distinguish from "in the ship".

For Junior the full import of being busted has not really sunk in because pertinent, plot related reversals on this day are sparse, and somewhat tentative.  There is no indication of what is going to happen with the nuke hidden at that very moment on a ship near Houston.  We only find this early evaluation: "The ship -- so dead".  This appears to be an opinion or an evaluation in a situation where decisions have not yet been made.

Bush has obviously received a quick briefing on reversed speech however, and though the full implications of the Easter situation have not yet become apparent, it is clear that he understands the RS concept.  After completing his prepared talk, he opens the session to questions from students.  The first questioner asks him for general advice that might be useful to students in their government careers, an invitation for the mind to go into a loose, free association mode.  As Bush begins his answer we find, "Here's the next Reverse!"

In fact, the majority of useful reversals from this appearance involve the main topic, the so-called "war on terror".  We are reminded again that it is an illusion made of smoke and mirrors.  The most common form of RS, often called "the Truth Detector", monitors an unconscious process sometimes called the "inner observer".  One of the many "people" that seem to live in the unconscious, the inner observer frequently comments on what is being said aloud, especially if it is untrue.  It may say, "that's a lie" or it might actually provide the truth that is being concealed. It is usually very precise.

In this case, while Bush is describing the War of Terror as "an ideological struggle with an enemy that despises freedom and pursues totalitarian aims," the inner truth-teller simply says, "Just the opposite".  This does not simply mean that enemies are being described in a bad light.  A true opposite would indicate that it is the U.S. which now despises freedom and works to create a totalitarian empire, while killing people who love their freedom and would prefer to live in peace.

This event is fertile ground for anyone seeking to understand what has been going on.  Another reference to fake terrorists is particularly helpful, and also provides another clue that the RS Nuke team has been looking for.  Strider finds this reversal: "Fake Terrorist - More Power - The SAM."

A SAM is a Surface-to-Air Missile, and we've been hunting for a missile since it first turned up in February.  With luck we may find enough information to get a good look at another ongoing operation.


Click to download the audio files.  A 27MB file will unzip to 3 wav files, with the reversals already marked for programs that can read the Sound Forge notation.  File hosting site will open in a new window. - KW





10 APRIL 2006

Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced
International Studies

"War On Terror"

cue: the Strategic Blueprint

cue: Attack us again

cue: answering questions / policy making "HERE'S THE NEXT REVERSE"

cue: stock description War On Terror

cue: Terrorists get weapons

III.  Thursday, April 13 - Totally And Completely BUSTED

It is very unlikely that we will ever see another situation like the Easter plot, in which the basic elements were corroborated by so many sources that absolute certainty was guaranteed.  So as we move forward to track the nuke, and look at other dangerous situations as well, keep in mind that most of this work involves making assumptions that enjoy varying levels of confidence.  You may wish to listen to your own evaluation and inner voice before making any final conclusion.

After three days much of the impact of the disaster has been absorbed, the Nuke has been quietly recovered and, as we will see later, Bush is struggling to figure out how to stop RS.

All of this is revealed in his rousing speech at the Small Business Week Conference on Thursday.  Obviously, what to do with the Nuke would have been the top priority over the last couple of days, and no doubt a lot of frantic communication was involved.  In fact Bush may have been informed of the decision only on Thursday morning, because the first sentence out of Bush's mouth at 10:46 AM, "Thank you all, please be seated," reverses to:  "VENICE, GIVE YOU A BOMB!"

I suspect that, rather than drive the stupid thing around the country in the back of a Homeland Security truck, the soviet baby nuke has simply been driven to another ship, probably at the port of Houston, and sent back to sea - the safest place for anything requiring secrecy.  I am also assuming that Venice means Venice, Italy.  Europe is in serious need of a 9/11, too.  If I learned that Junior had spent many summers in Venice, Florida, or Venice, California, so that just the city name alone would be ample identification as far as he was concerned, then I might choose differently.

Soon we find what we most wanted to hear, "Not Trying Houston."  We also pick up the first reference to the Easter Nuke's operational name, "We dismantle GAMBIT - Internet."

This code name appears three more times on the following day during the recording session for Saturday's radio broadcast.  Jumping ahead to that moment we find that Bush has learned more, so his unconscious processes have more to tell us.  The reversals found are:  "Found Us; Internet; Gambit", and "Kill; Gambit".

We also find one more possible clue about the fate of the Easter Nuke, amidst obvious anger at the plot's discovery.  In this sequence of five reversals within a seven second period we have:  "Found your shit; You shaft me; They ship it; July; Shafted!"

If you figure that the nuke left Houston in mid-April, took a month to reach Venice, a week to be checked out and/or hidden, and a few more weeks for various agencies to get into position and run some preparatory propaganda, while the upper echelon set themselves up for maximum financial gain, then sometime in July would be good guess for a fake terrorist nuclear event in southern Europe -- Then again, if they are in a hurry...








13 APRIL 2006

U.S. Small Business Conference

Economy / Small Business



"We dismantle GAMBIT - Internet"

14 APRIL 2006   (radio)

"Internet Found Us - GAMBIT"



With reversals coming only from one person these are assumptions and I would judge the confidence level on this one under 70%.  Within an agency or organization this would be strong enough to require the commitment of on-the-ground investigative resources.  But realize too, although it sounds pretty firm it is only a single reversal that doesn't show up anywhere else - so far. And just because the bomb goes to Venice, doesn't mean that is where it will be used.  Going further, the time required to set up something like this all over again is long enough that the whole world may become aware of the situation, making it impossible to use a small nuke anywhere on the planet without everyone knowing in advance who it belongs to.  Perhaps they'll do the smart thing and simply dump it in the ocean.

From the foregoing you can see where some of the remaining 30% of probabilities might go.  Three or four percent might go to air-dropping the nuke to speed up the timetable, but there is no hard connection to this set of reversals about a "drop" and a Navy Seal also found on the 4/13:

A percent or two would also have to be allocated to Chicago.  Why?  Because immediately following the reversal about not trying Houston, is the word SEARS.  There is no delay at all.  But this is not a phrase or sentence, and there are no other references to Chicago or the Sears Tower in any of the appearances during this crucial week.  Strictly from personal experience I suspect this is simply an option that flickered across Junior's mind at the time.  It is an option because people are already prepared for it.

Remember that propaganda doctrine, as we see it practiced today, says that people are much more prone to believe a major government lie if they are prepped for it ahead of time.  This is why, prior to Easter, we saw so many stories, from so many supposedly honest sources, describing how our ports were vulnerable to a smuggled nuclear device, even though we'd been assured previously that the problem had been taken care of.  If the plot had succeeded, and a lie that it had been done by "terrorists" was released, then many millions of Americans would be nodding their heads and saying, "I just knew this was going to happen".  After Easter this urgent topic simply disappeared without a trace.

IV.  Plan B In The Works -- Could Be Tomorrow

"Plan B" was the term used in the original report on Ken-Welch.Com to refer to the strong possibility of an alternate fake terrorist event if the Easter plot was blown.  It might have been a different date and location for using the smuggled nuke, or something entirely different.  In fact, what we've found is actually step number two in the same plan.  We puzzled over the fact that the nuke was scheduled for mid-April, while the date that seemed most likely related to nuking Iran was June 5th.  Why the delay?  We can only surmise that the second act, which we only had hints of in February was just that, part two of a two-step process.

As mentioned above, it all has to do with ships.  Since none of the ships are named, the only way to keep track of them is through information describing their mission.  Planning for the Texas Nuke coincided with planning for the nuking of Iran.  At that time we could not find a hint of troop movements, big airlifts, etc.  Reversals from February 27th, however, provide the best picture of the ships already positioned for the nuclear attack on Iran.  There are three sets of reversals, with each set telling a significant part of the story.

(Some Nuke Iran reversals from 2/27)

Set 1: "To share a battle"; "I like the champagne";
            "Battle Squadron"; "Hidden in the big ocean".

Set 2: "HIGH STRIKE - June 5th"; "fear factor"; "See some shit"; "Feel the enormity".

Set 3: "The whole balloon - We strike";  "They're parked out - On a Navy ship".

There is some background noise at this event which makes the reversals a bit harder to hear.  However, if you repeat them several times you should be able to hear them just fine.  Note: "when the balloon goes up" is a phrase from the days when observation balloons were used in war; the author believes that in modern times many people associate this phrase with World War III.

At that time the propaganda drums were beating loudly, claiming that Iran was an imminent threat to world peace.  This story did not hold up.  Enough voices were raised pointing out that Iran was in full compliance with the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty and the obvious fact that there was no urgency at all in the situation, that it was becoming painfully obvious that any concept of "threat" was pure hogwash.  So the tune was changed. Today Iran is accused of "defying the will of the international community".  This entirely meaningless phrase translates as disobeying an imaginary global policeman whose sole spokesman appears to be Condoleeza Rice.  In reality, the destruction of Iran, like the destruction of Iraq, has nothing whatever to do with weapons of mass destruction, and is simply part of a plan that has been in the works for many years.

There were also references at various times to single ships.  For instance something was very small and a ship went off and left it.  In another case, "we kind of snared the ship", and in several cases the words "missile" and "secret" appeared in the same sound segment as the word "ship", but they appeared as isolated, unconnected words.

These references to ships were not strong enough to draw any conclusions other than the simplest one; somewhere in the world was an important ship with an important missile on it.  It's location and purpose remained unknown.  Only in the days following the exposure of the Easter nuke does this other ship come into focus.  And once again, the fact that two people are involved adds considerable weight to the confidence placed in the interpretation.

On Thursday, April 13th, the same day we see Bush really coming to grips with the fact that the Easter plot has been busted, there is a brief State Department press event with Rice and a Canadian diplomat.  Rice gives us a fresh but very typical picture of the mystery ship with three excellent reversals in a row, "It's on a ship - So Secret - Missile on a ship."

If the mystery ship and its missile have become a hot topic again, chances are that there are more clues in the Bush material.  Digging through the long list of reversals obtained from Bush during this important week, we find that the word SAM actually appeared twice during the appearance at the Nitze School.  First in connection with the fake terrorists, as shown above.  Now we see the kicker:  "THEY'LL USE THE SAM".

Intended to act as a final push toward war for Americans already reeling from the shock of the Easter nuke, a SAM or surface-to-air missile is (now) already positioned to give us a replay of the TWA-800 shootdown.  Unlike the TWA event, we can assume that Federal agencies will go all out to identify all the lurid details.  No doubt there will be video footage of the whole affair, and the CIA has already prepared an amazing animation.  Naturally the finger of blame will point to Iran. 




BUSH - Governors Conference Feb 27 - (WAR Warning - IRAN)

     "laying the stage for peace.."




RICE - State Dept. April 13 - (Missile Warning)


BUSH - "War on Terror" April 10 - Missile Warning)


It would seem wise for U.S. air travelers to think twice about boarding any very large airliner that will be flying over or near water without first beefing up their life insurance.

Without a better grasp of time or location there is no point in anyone changing their travel plans.  Like most "terrorist" events, the odds of it effecting any specific person are too tiny to take seriously.  If we had a time or location it would appear here, but this is the nature of RS.  You do a lot of fishing and you get what you get.

You also pick up things that may be related to the subject you are looking for, yet there is no hard connection that would let you logically tie them together.  For instance, during the same speech in which we learn about the SAM, there is also a 7 second segment that might be connected, but then again it might not:

Now, is this a prediction?  Absolutely not.  It is simply a statement of the behind-the-scenes situation as we found it, from material that runs only through April 15th.

I mentioned in the original report that the smell of preparatory propaganda alerted me to the need to examine the nuke issue.  However, I haven't noticed a thing about air travel, except the usual stories of the continuing farce at the airports themselves.  I guess that's what they mean by sooo secret; no prep this time.

V.  Racing Toward Armageddon

I originally planned one more segment to this report dealing with the fascinating reversals obtained from the White House that illustrated the reaction to reversed speech, and specifically to  Once you hear them you will have no doubt at all of the impact of the original report.  They are both hilarious and frightening.  Information found in this area actually caused a delay for us as the RS Nuke team was forced to rearrange the way we communicate with each other, and to take other steps to ensure that our data would be available to others regardless of adverse circumstances.  However, the information about the SAM simply cannot wait any longer.  So the fascinating responses will either be added right here later or published as it's own article.

Before closing, however, I feel that a word needs to be said to put the material above in perspective.  First, we are talking about long-term plans that have been in place for decades, pushed along by people who all work for the same masters even though they appear to be from different countries, religions, political parties, etc.  The goal is to totally transform the globe, creating an entirely new "order".  The fascist nature of the new order is obvious.  We are looking at a world-wide slave society from which there will be no escape.  The plan for the Middle East, as I see it, is to first create a pretty good version of nuclear Armageddon (obviously we are already prepped for this), after which the Arabs, perhaps even the Saudi's, will no longer own the oil.  Massive disruptions in oil supplies as already created in Iraq, will put incredible pressures on the U.S. population, hastening the governmental changes that are planned.

The soviet nuke, originally intended for Texas and now apparently on its way to Europe, would have provided the trigger for all this.  A downed airliner seems unlikely to fill the requirement.  It could help prop up the failing Bush administration for a while, but that's about all that could be expected.  Perhaps we will be told that the magical Zorro of Iraq, Abu Musab al-Zarkawi has accidentally left his wallet, his khaki undershorts, or perhaps his laptop again, on the missile ship.

On the other hand, if the nuke is used in Venice, or some other European city, Armageddon is on again.  June 5th now seems much less likely than it did in February and March.  In fact the whole plan seems less workable if you consider that every day more people learn about the loose nuke and who actually owns it.

Have we stopped a nuclear war?  No, not until the people who want to remake the world through violence and terror are all behind bars.  We can place the Nobel Peace Prize we won't win on the mantel at Ken-Welch.Com beside the Pulitzer we won't get for reporting on the Easter Nuke.  Keep in mind, however, that changing the ownership of the Middle East is only one part of a larger and deadlier plan, and that plan continues at breathtaking speed.

Ken Welch





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